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The following case-study about healing anxiousness demonstrates what can be achieved by practicing the easy self-support practice greater-consciousness healing.

Lisa came to see me simply because she suffered from robust anxiety (‘my 1st feeling in the morning is panic’), agonising self-doubt (she wrote massive diaries full of self-evaluation), significant troubles with her boyfriend (‘I hate my boyfriend and I in no way had a true relationship’) and great problems earning her funds and keeping a job (‘my perform is absolutely soul-destroying’). Lisa had a previous complete of abuse, drama and drink troubles.

Lisa was a excellent ‘psychologist’ and could link all her present difficulties to her abusive childhood or to some other difficult psychological theory. Once more and again I pointed out to her that the answer to her issues was significantly easier and that all this analysing just produced matters worse. Luckily, Lisa also had a great sense of humour and our sessions had been often full of laughter despite her several difficulties.

My initial two points were that she had to cease drinking and that she should work with a healing-symbol to minimize her anxiousness. But here came the next challenge – Lisa had never been in a position to carry out any type of commitment. So I elicited a solemn guarantee from her to preserve to these commitments. When Lisa came back two weeks later she reported that she hadn’t drunk a drop and that this was the first time in her life that she had kept to a commitment. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to focus on her healing-symbol due to the fact every single time she had tried she had felt waves of anxiousness that she might fail.

Ahead of Lisa could launch into an additional intricate theory about her previous I explained to her that healing anxiety is a quite mechanical process that she could learn in minutes. Firstly, I showed her how she could lengthen the gap right after every single outbreath. Then I asked her to see loving light radiating from her healing-symbol to the anxiousness in her tummy and see these tensions in her stomach opening up like a beautiful flower. If anxious thoughts came up she should simply chuckle at them rather than analysing them. Lisa followed these guidelines and was able to dissolve her anxiety completely in this session – an expertise she couldn’t bear in mind ever possessing ahead of.

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In the following four weeks Lisa was able to totally dissolve her life-extended anxiety to zero. She also drastically lowered her tendency to over-analyse herself. With the aid of an additional healing-symbol and some role play she gained confidence in the partnership with her boyfriend and was capable to tackle their conflicts. She was also much more confident about how to adjust her work situation for the much better.

I had the likelihood to talk to Lisa eight months later and she reported that her anxiousness healing was nonetheless total. She had also been in a position to split up from her dissatisfying partnership with her boyfriend. Most importantly, Lisa told me that practising larger-consciousness healing had helped her to embark on a spiritual path which was bringing her immense happiness and satisfaction.

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Even if you can’t immediately feel a separation, stay with the symptom process for up to a minute or two. Focus without telling a story, complaining, or running away from it. Know, for now, that this is enough; the separation will come with practice. Do this without getting attached to the outcome. Soon you will find that your separation from the symptom and the genuine realization that “I am not the symptom’’ will arise naturally. As you practice, you begin to distance yourself from the wheezing, coughing, tightness, or heaviness, which in turn gives you a sense of empowerment, release, and relief. Focusing on Symptoms


Drawing the symptom is another technique for Focusing, one that is nonverbal and that can actually be FUN. It helps create a separation from the symptom by bringing the inside (your beliefs, images, feelings, sensations, and thoughts) to the outside through the drawing. This process is simple.

After using the Focusing process, Nicole, whose asthmatic symptoms had recently recurred, drew a picture of her symptom.

In her drawing, only the top part of her body appeared. Her breathing passages looked like tiny, narrow tubes, and she drew her lungs as shrunken and folded in on themselves. Nicole explained that drawing the symptom and seeing it on paper made her understand what her body was going through. She said it helped her to separate from the feelings of fear that made the symptom worse. “It’s as if putting it out here gives me relief and more space to breathe in there,” she said, first touching the paper, then her chest.

Nicole felt the image of the narrow tubes and shrunken lungs was in many ways analogous to her life. During the past two years she had experienced a narrowing down of opportunities, a shrinking of joy and pleasure. Her career as a singer, which had brought her admiration and status, came to a halt when she shifted gears and chose to go into acting instead. But the acting world refused to welcome her with open arms as she had hoped. Her social life had also become restricted since her divorce.

The wasted lungs mirrored Nicole’s belief that she was wasting her life — not only her physical life, but her inner life as well. Nicole described her mother as loving, though judgmental and controlling. Each time they spoke, her mother’s comments and tone of voice reminded her that she was no longer a somebody. – Instagram Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Through the drawing exercise, Nicole realized she could make different choices, which would enhance her healing. She decided to release the limiting belief that she was a nobody. Rather than replacing it with a new belief, she decided she would stay in the “don’t know” space and see what happened.